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Outrage as Biden Admin Refuses to Shield Right Whales From Lethal Vessel Strikes










Jan 22, 2023 "This is an extinction-level  emergency,"  said  one campaigner. "Every mother right whale and calf is critical to the survival of the species."

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Beyond_the_se@ is a small contribution for linking Blue Planet-lovers to urgent actions, new ideas, innovative projects and videos related to the Blue Planet and beyond - please browse the site to discover ways you can engage.

  Costa Rica Accused of International and U.S. Fishing Violations related to IUU by-catches of CITES-listed marine  megafauna in the PACA Large Marine Ecosystem    

 18 Marine Conservation Organizations and Beyond the Se@ have called NOAA-NMS to authorize U.S. Port Access and Import Restrictions to issue a negative ruling to force Costa Rica to take action to Protect Threatened Sharks and Billfish. The call for action is the result of a year-long effort by Marine Watch that started with the Terminal Evaluation of a Global Environment Facility (GEF) project on Sustainable Marine Value Chains.

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Some Good Marine Megafauna & By-catch Links:

And here are some switched on organizations working to keep fins attached and other megafauna safer:


And, when the Oceans need a good Lawyer (my favorite to work with): 

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Take a Holistic Approach to Manage Blue Carbon Ecosystems 
Jan.15: Despite the continued scrambling to present brittle solutions for slowing down the decline of the world's mangroves, the Blue Carbon Big NGO (BINGO) 'establishment' continues stamping its carbon footprint en route to international fora and producing slick publications to promote their narrowly focused neo-classical conceptual framework that zeroes-in on protecting mangrove tree species and not the entire mangal ecosystem. This looks like a one way ticket for the demise of their sacred tree species and associated Biodiversity.  Might it not be a time to re-think the our approach and reconsider a broader conceptual and operational framework that embraces the entire mangal ecosystem that also included the freshwater and other brackish wetland sponges that  soak up nutrients and help maintain resilient interstitial physico-chemical conditions that are crucial for mangrove tree survival?  Below are several examples that might help us re-think the current (no pun intended) path.

  • LINKS: This video provides an overview of a relatively untouched mangal area in Guyana's border with Venezuela.


To date most of the blue-washing efforts to develop and promote Blue Economies is alot of fluff, as it focuses on maintaining the neo-lib status quo of 'cradle to the grave' approaches rather than circular conceptual and operational frameworks that promote throughput.  
I am pleased to be able to work together with the Irish NGO GOAL who is keen to add a Circular Blue Ecosystem-based dimension to their great work with blue value chains


        MERCURY-Free Planet 






Increasing Artisanal Gold Miner profits through Remediation and Mercury-free methods in Honduras with support from the Danish Innovation Fund.  


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